Wolves, Moose & Beavers in the forests of Central Sweden

Join this fantastic 5-day adventure with focus on Sweden’s large wildlife. Watch moose, beavers and many other wild amimals during evening excursions. Stay three nights at Udden guesthouse and one night in tents in wolf territory with great chances to hear wolves howl at night.
— Marcus Eldh, founder of WildSweden

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Spend five days in the pristine boreal forest of central Sweden experiencing our largest and most fascinating wildlife in their natural habitat.

This adventure involves walking, boating, canoeing and driving excursions to see moose, beavers and other wildlife like roe deer, mountain hare, wolf and even lynx. A highlight of the trip is when we head out to track wolves! We spend one night camping in wolf territory with high hopes to hear howling wolves break the silence of the deep forest.

Stay the rest of your nights at Udden guesthouse - a small sheep farm with a veranda overlooking a beautiful lake. This is a big favourite among our guests! It's such a relaxing place and nature is right at your doorstep ready for you to explore.

The forests surrounding Skinnskatteberg have proven to be one of the best areas in Sweden to watch and photograph wildlife. Our guides have vast knowledge and experience of all animals in these forests, how to track them, and most importantly, how to observe them respectfully without disturbing.

Wildlife is most active in the evenings, and that's when we head out on exciting excursions with a particular animal in mind. We begin with a mission to sight moose. These majestic animals are illusive, but we've proud to say that we've seen them on nearly every trip for the last decade and a half.

The next evening we go on a beaver safari on a lake and river nearby. We move in small boats with silent electric motors in search for beavers and beaver lodges. We often see a variety of birds and other mammals on this excursion, and it's a lovely night on the water.

We end our amazing wildlife adventure by trekking into a territory where a family of wolves roam free. It's a mystical and exhilirating feeling to sit quietly surrounded by wilderness, waiting to hear them howl.

During the daytime we go for interesting hikes and canoeing excursions. But there will also be time to just relax, go for a swim or hike on your own.

The plan

  • Stay three nights at Udden guesthouse overlooking a lake, and one night camping in wolf territory

  • Watch and photograph moose and beavers

  • Join a tracker to hear wolves howl at night

  • Spot lots of other wildlife

  • Local guides and small groups (max 7 persons) for a genuine experience

  • Canoeing on the lake and hiking in pristine forests

  • Delicious food made with local, organic ingredients

Who joins these tours: Solo travelers, couples, and families with older children are all welcome! Our participants are often world travelers with a shared interest in nature and wildlife experiences, done in an eco-friendly way. They thoroughly enjoy spending these days in nature searching for wildlife and birds. Just like our guides!

Day 1: An idyllic spot to settle in

Meet your guide at Stockholm Arlanda airport for the two hour transfer to Skinnskatteberg. If you travel by car you can drive directly to the guesthouse and meet us there.

You're greeted by the stunning setting of Udden guesthouse. Your gracious hosts Allan and Eva are sheep farmers and have some one hundred sheep grazing the meadows nearby and three herding dogs. Allan is also an excellent chef - he cooks with passion using locally produced and organic ingredients. You are treated to a delicious welcome dinner at the veranda looking out on the beautiful lake.

Take some time to truly arrive, enjoy the fresh air and views of the lake. Keep an eye out for Ospreys catching fish and listen for the calls of the Black Throated Divers echoing across the water.

Day 2: Moose silently moving through the forest

Go for a morning walk if you like and enjoy a late breakfast on the veranda.

Our first outing together is a delightful walk through an old-growth forest. We learn about the inhabitants of our taiga ecosystem and aquaint ourselves with the nature around us. We may not see wildlife, but your guide will show many interesting signs of them. Moose, beavers, wolves and lynx - they are all here, and we are humble visitors in their home.

One of our guests shares her experience:

I can't stop thinking about that thick carpet of moss, lichens, plants, berries, fungi and all the different shapes and colours. It was one of the most beautiful revelations I have ever had.

We eat lunch at a forest café and after lunch there will be some free time to relax by the lake, take a swim, go for a hike or perhaps take the canoe for a paddle.

In the evening you meet up with your guide again. This time in search for moose! The surrounding forest is fantastic for moose watching. We go for a walk and your guide shares the skills of tracking as we look for hoof prints, fresh droppings and bite marks. No wonder being a guest in their home grounds feels so natural, so true - this is how us humans interacted with the wild since the very beginning.

We are out for about five hours, both hiking and driving, and although most moose are seen while driving we always do our best to get out of the van to get a good view. Moose are large and majestic animals, and very beautiful. Admiring them, relaxed in their native habitat, is an awe-inspiring experience!

We light up a campfire after an hour or so and enjoy an evening meal together in a beautiful spot overlooking a small forest lake. We return to the guesthouse late at night.

Day 3: Eyes peered at the shoreline for beavers

Last night's adventure ended late, so you can take your time in the morning. After a leisurely breakfast you meet up with your guide for a canoeing excursion on the lake.

Our canadian style canoes are stable and safe, and paddling is an ideal way to explore this lake and its islands. Keep an eye out for Black-throated diver, Osprey, Common tern, Grey heron and Common crane. We usually start out canoeing together and after a while you can take off on your own if you like.

It's been a relaxing morning on the water. Return to the guesthouse for lunch on the veranda - another one of Allan's delectable offerings.

Enjoy some rest this afternoon or go for a hike in the surroundings. During July, August or September the forest floor is literally covered in berries and mushrooms of all kinds. Pick as many as you like! Hop in the lake for a wild swim, and be sure to enjoy the wood-fired sauna at some point during your stay.

This evening we travel to a secret lake nearby for a beaver safari. It's an enchanting night silently cruising across the pristine lake and river as the sun is setting. We use small boats with quiet electric motors to spot beaver lodges and beavers up close without disturbing. We may see them when it's still light out, on the shore or swimming close to our boat. As darkness falls we use headlamps to watch these busy little animals on the shoreline.

It's a tranquil and very fascinating excursion. Beavers are amazing creatures that contribute greatly to biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. Your guide will share knowledge, not just of the beavers, but of all wildlife we encounter along the way. We may see moose, roe deer, red fox, badger, wild boar, mink, bats, and birds like Kingfisher, Grey heron, Black throated diver, Common crane and Tawny owl.

We stay out for about five hours and share our evening meal on a pretty island in the lake before continuing down the river. We keep going into the night and return to the guesthouse late.

Day 4: Howling wolves in the dark of the night

We have a thrilling adventure ahead! Enjoy breakfast and lunch at the guesthouse and explore the surroundings on your own.

Before we head out into the wolf territory we sit down to learn more about wolves. What is a wolf territory? Why do wolves howl? Who's the leader of the pack? And how many wolves does it take to take down a moose?

We head out to a nearby forest where a family of wolves keep their territory. The exact location is kept a secret and it is very important that you don't share this information with anyone. We will explain why.

Depending on the current situation with the wolves we may search for paw prints, droppings, killed prey and other tracks to give us clues that wolves are around. We also meet up with one of Sweden’s foremost wolf experts who will talk about his work with wolves and other large carnivores. It's very interesting and gives you a lot of insight into the wolf's behavior as well as management issues and conservation efforts.

We all help out setting up our tented camp, light a camp fire and enjoy an evening meal together. As darkness descends upon us, we move closer to the wolves to increase our chances of hearing them howl. We walk up to an hour in rough terrain, often in the dark, in silence. Our aim is to reach a strategic location where we can settle down and spend a few hours to listen.

This can be both a meditative and thrilling experience. Imagine sitting on a hill in a dark forest surrounded by trees, watching the night sky above. All the while knowing a family of wolves is nearby. We wait, listen and hope to hear them howl.

One of our guests shares his experience:

We sat and waited in silence as the sky darkened and filled with stars - it's hard to describe such a magical night. We were rewarded with sights of wolf cubs and later the sky filled with their howling.

We always stay at a respectful distance as we don't want to disturb the wolves. Our guides are very experienced and know how to handle any situation that may occur. Hearing wolves howl is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in nature! Although we cannot guarantee that this will happen, we do actually hear wolves howl on most of our tours.

After midnight we return to our camp and sleep well in our tents.

Day 5: Time to say our goodbyes

During some tours we choose to get up early for a short morning excursion, it depends a little on what we experienced during the night and the current wolf situation.

We pack up our tented camp and head back to civilisation for a well-deserved brunch at the guesthouse before we conclude the tour. Hopefully it's been five truly fascinating days together with your guide and fellow nature lovers, and it will surely be a little sad to say your goodbyes. So many wonderful memories though!

You have the chance to have a shower before it's time to leave. At around mid day we take you to a train station for a bus or train to Arlanda airport or Stockholm.

As you may be tired after a night in the forest we highly recommend staying an extra night at Pensionat Udden, for a chance to relax and sleep well before you leave.

Note that if you decide to stay an extra night at Udden, we will not be able to bring you back to Stockholm. But you can easily book your own train from Skinnskatteberg at www.sj.se. The taxi from Udden to Skinnskatteberg station will be on our behalf.


  • 3 nights at Udden guesthouse in double/twin room

  • 1 night in single/double tent with all equipment

  • 4 x breakfast

  • 4 x lunch

  • 4 x dinner

  • Guided excursions as mentioned in the program

  • Guided transfer by van from Stockholm Arlanda airport

  • Return to Stockholm or Arlanda with bus or train

  • Access to canoes and sauna

What to bring

We provide all necessary camping equipment and binoculars 8x42.

>> See our full packing list here


Departures on selected dates during June – September. See booking calendar for available dates.


Three nights at Udden guesthouse in the village Baggbron near Skinnskatteberg. Double/twin and single rooms are available.

Single room supplement 995 SEK. If you travel solo and don't want to pay the single room supplement you may have to share room with another person of the same gender.

One night in tent, choose single or double. We have tents for 1, 2 and 3 persons. Other participants and guides will stay in other tents closeby. We provide the following top-quality outdoor equipment:

  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag (3-season Nordic climate)

  • Small pillow

  • Fresh inner sheet

  • Sleeping-mat (50mm)

Toilet: There may not be any toilet during the night in wolf territory since we choose the location for the camp depending on where the wolves are. You may have to go in the forest.


Veggie, gluten free or no fish, we take any diet just as seriously as anything else as long as you let us know in beforehand.


Meet our guide at Stockholm Arlanda airport at terminal 5 by Grand Café at 3 pm for the two hours drive to Skinnskatteberg. You will be back at Stockholm Central Station or Stockholm Arlanda airport as you prefer at around 5pm on departure day. So don't plan for any flight earlier than 7pm, or stay an extra night at Udden or in Stockholm before you return home.

Note that we will not be able to wait if your flight is delayed, in which case you may have to take a two hour taxi ride to Skinnskatteberg.

If you arrive by car or public transport please arrive by 5 pm at Udden guesthouse in Baggbron village, a 10 minute drive from Skinnskatteberg or a 2 hour drive from Stockholm and Arlanda airport.

Address: Udden 1, 739 91 Skinnskatteberg WGS 84: 59°53’24.9″N 15°37’35.6″E WGS 84 decimal: 59.890261, 15.626551

If you travel by train/bus go to Skinnskatteberg station. From there you get a free taxi to Udden guesthouse. You need to book your taxi transfer by email directly with the local taxi company, at least some days before arrival: info@taxiskinnsberg.se or by phone +46-222-10040. At the time of booking, let them know that WildSweden will pay for the taxi transfer.


Recommended minimum age is 15 years. Please note that the long sun hours during June and July means that we have to stay out until late, often until after midnight. But we do late breakfasts so you always have the chance to sleep in during the mornings. You must be able to walk in the forest without difficulties. We may walk 1-2 hours on gravel roads as well as in uneven terrain, even in darkness at night. Walks include many stops along the way.


Maximum 7 participants per guide. During the wolf experience we are often accompanied by another group of 7 persons, so that we will be 14 persons during that part of the tour.


When you make a booking for this tour our team will manually review the booking to make sure that we still have availability. If everything is okay we will send you a confirmation by email within 24 hours. Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied, and credit card details are held for security purposes only. When your booking is confirmed we will ask for a 10 percent deposit payment. This deposit is due within 7 days after the booking is made. The remaining payment is due 45 days before the tour starts.

  • Cancellations can be made at no cost up to 7 days from the time of booking. We will provide a 100% refund.

  • Cancellations between 8 days from the time of booking and 46 days before arrival will be charged at 25% of the booking’s total amount.

  • Cancellations between 45 days and 15 days before arrival will be charged at 75% of the booking’s total amount.

  • Cancellations within 14 days of arrival will be charged at 100% of the booking’s total amount.