How to plan a trip with WildSweden

Common questions and answers

Photo: Marie Mattsson

How to Book, pay & cancel

Simply choose a trip and date that suits your travel plans. Click the booking button and fill in your details.

  • For day trips we ask for immediate payment and you will receive a confirmation instantly.

  • For longer trips we ask for a deposit of 10-20 percent. For some trips we need to review your booking before we send you a confirmation.

>> View our Cancellation terms

Where can I stay?

Our longer trips always include accommodation. Day trips don’t.

Most of our day trips end late at night, so we recommend you to find a place to stay nearby. Some accommodations can be reached by public transport. And note that we offer a free pick-up and drop-off at some of the accommodations.

>> Recommended places to stay - and where we pick you up for tours

Photo: Marcus Westberg

Photo: Marcus Westberg


What do i need to bring?

Come well dressed! Make sure you bring adequate clothing and equipment for your adventure.

>> Packing list for Summer tours

>> Packing list for Winter tours

I am a solo traveler, can I come?

Yes, we love solo travelers! Many of our guests come on their own. With us you will be part of a small group of likeminded people.

>> How we cater for solo travelers

Photo: Sylvia Adams

Photo: Sylvia Adams

Photo: Lasse Fredriksson

Photo: Lasse Fredriksson

I have small children, Can I bring them?

Of course, little people are forest fairies! Parents with children are welcome to join some of our tours. See recommended age levels for each tour.

>> Recommended tours for smaller children

Can I combine your tours with a stay in Stockholm?

Good combo! Many of our guests choose to add a few nights in Stockholm before or after a tour with us.

>> View our ideas and recommendations for Stockholm

Photo: Ola Ericson

Photo: Ola Ericson


Got questions about Kolarbyn Ecolodge?

Kolarbyn is special and therefore we have a special page for common Kolarbyn questions.

>> Questions & answers about Kolarbyn Ecolodge