What we do

We bring together small groups of likeminded people for unusual adventures in nature. We travel off the beaten track in non-touristic areas.

You will be welcomed by our passionate local guides. They live with nature and just love to be out there.


Meet wild animals

We watch and photograph wild animals like moose, beavers, wolves and bears in their natural habitat.

Remember that these are wild animals so sightings can never be guaranteed. But we know where to find them, and how you can see them, in a respectful way.


Sleep & eat

We work with unusual ecolodges, small guesthouses and locally owned hotels.

We love camp fire evenings… and food. Nothing beats Amy’s wraps with organically grown vegetables and wild boar sausage, flushed down with a Ferna craft beer or a wild picked berry juice.

We stand up for Sweden’s nature and wildlife - since 2003. Our tours provide income for local guides, hotels and restaurants. And when nature provides income for local people, it is more likely preserved for the future. Thank you for helping us!
— Marcus Eldh, owner of WildSweden

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“A week of magical moments!”

“Fun tours with super enthusiastic good natured guides”

“Wonderful opportunity to view Swedish wildlife at its best”

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Winter adventures in Swedish Lapland 2019 - 2020

Summer wildlife adventures in Sweden 2020



Secret adventures

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How to get here

This map shows the various starting points for our tours.

To find out where your tour begins please read the detailed information for each tour.

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