Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Kolarbyn Ecolodge – there are 12 forest huts by lake Skärsjön


Kolarbyn Ecolodge is called “Sweden’s most primitive hotel”!


Because there is:

  • no electricity
  • no showers
  • nothing fancy at all, just natural mysteriousness!

And that is precisely why you are going to love this place!


Inside a forest hut at Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Inside one of the forest huts at Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Nature lovers from all over the world come to Kolarbyn to stay for a few nights. For an adventure off the beaten track. To breathe some fresh air, to enjoy the peacefulness, to take part in free outdoor activities and to be guided to see wild animals like nowhere else! You will soon realize that there are also other creatures living in these forests, like MooseBeavers and Wolves.

So, where is this fantastic place? Well, just a two hours drive from Stockholm. Its just outside the village of Skinnskatteberg, in the green and lush Bergslagen forest. But you don’t need a car. You can easily get here by public transport.

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So, what is Kolarbyn Ecolodge?

Its kind of a hotel.

Sweden’s most primitive!

When you arrive at Kolarbyn, you will see lots of trees, more trees and even more trees. You are in the forest!

Everything is green. But if you look closer you will soon find that in between all trees are twelve well camouflaged little cabins. All covered in mud and grass. Bilberries and mushrooms grow wild on their roofs. As natural as it can be!

An ecolodge in it’s true sense. A rustic hotel. Cabins for rent. Some guests have even called them mud-holes or hobbit houses.

We simply call them forest huts.

Kolarbyn is an unusual hotel. And you’re gonna love it!

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Can I really sleep there?

I’m not telling you that these wooden beds are comfortable.

Not at all actually.

Not as comfortable as your own bed at home.

But yes, it is very cosy.

Each forest hut has two beds and a fire place. Wooden beds. No mattress. But with layers of insulated air-mats and a topping of cosy sheep skin rugs. It gets pretty comfortable, or even soft.

Roll out your sleeping bag. Lay down on your back. Close your eyes. Sleep like a baby!

All huts have two beds. If you are a family of three, just ask for an extra bed. If you are a family of four, you will need two huts. Close to each other.

After a silent night you slowly wake up to birds’ song and a feeling of triumph.

You made it, you actually slept well! What time is it?

Time for a cup of coffee? Herbal tea? Or a refreshing swim in the lake?

No matter how you prefer to wake up, a new day of adventures begins just outside your forest hut every day. Kolarbyn Ecolodge is undoubtedly a true nature experience. Not only for adventurers, but for couples, friends and families. Normal nature loving people like you and me.

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Late nights by the camp fire!

Each forest hut has a fire place. Go chop your own wood. Just grab an axe and chop up some birch. There is a Swedish saying: “Let the wood heat you twice. First when you chop it, then when you fire it up.”

Something like that.

I often get the question what you can do at Kolarbyn? Well, wood chopping and lighting fires is probably closest to the truth. For example:

How to make yourself a cup of coffee:

  1. Chop some fire wood with the axe
  2. Fetch fresh water from the spring
  3. Start a camp fire
  4. Boil the coffee in a black ol’ coffee pan
  5. Enjoy with passion. Of course its organic and fair trade.

Behind Kolarbyn is the beautiful lake Skärsjön, my favourite lake in Sweden! Fresh water. Feel free to take a swim, catch some fish or go for a walk around it. If you are cold, heat up the floating sauna and feel like a real man or woman of the woods!

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>> Our most popular package: Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure


Back to nature & do-it-yourself

The whole idea with Kolarbyn is back to nature and do-it-yourself. That means you get to do all the fun!

  • You get to cook food over open fire
  • You also get to do your dishes in the beautiful stream
  • You even get to recycle all of your waste, we don’t have a garbage bin as everything can be recycled

When you are hungry, just visit the small storage shed. There you will find basic groceries like pasta, tomato-sauce, bread, müsli, fruits, eggs, coffee, tea, some fresh vegetables, spices, pancake-mix, frying oil as well as syrup to make a berry drink. Most of the stuff is organic produce. Use these as ingredients for your breakfasts, lunches and evening meals. Remember there is no kitchen. You prepare everything over open fire. And we provide all outdoor cooking equipment for you. It takes a bit of time, but it tastes so much better!

Enjoy your meal by the camp fire!

And no, you don’t have to be Crocodile Dundee or Ray Mears to survive your holiday at Kolarbyn. If you need any assistance at all, our helpful hosts are here to guide you through every step.

If you need to visit the toilet, you are welcome to pee behind any tree. Just not on the berries! 😉

We also have two nice little toilet sheds. Flush the toilets with soil. Wash your hands with water from the stream and some environmental friendly soap.

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>> Our most popular package: Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure


Andreas at Kolarbyn

Andreas, your host and wilderness guide at Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Recommendations from Andreas, the owner and manager of Kolarbyn Ecolodge:

“Stay at least three nights. If you arrive one day and leave on the next, you won’t really give yourself the chance to disconnect and to slow down. Spend some relaxing days in the forest. Hang out by the camp fire at night. Meet people from all over the world. And the Moose and Beaver tours is a must! You deserve more wild moments. See you in the forest!”

>> Our most popular package: Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure


Your adventure at Kolarbyn Ecolodge includes:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Small pillow
  • Fresh travel sheets
  • Insulation mat
  • Sheep skin rugs
  • Candles and matches
  • Firewood and axes for chopping
  • Fresh water to be fetched from the spring
  • Access to fire places
  • Outdoor kitchen facilities and equipment
  • Washing-up place with running water in the creek and eco friendly washing-up liquid
  • Waste separation bins for recycling
  • Access to big hut with tables and 45 seats (if not occupied)

All this is included in our most popular package Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure