Photo: Petter Adolfsson

Photo: Petter Adolfsson

Travelling with WildSweden is more than an unforgettable nature experience. It is also an important contribution to wildlife conservation as well as our local economy.
— Marcus Eldh, owner & founder of WildSweden

What is WildSweden?

  • WildSweden is an adventure travel company based in Falun, Sweden. The company was founded in 2003 by Marcus Eldh, who is still the owner.

  • We organize day adventures, holidays and expeditions based in Sweden's nature.

  • Our adventures have a strong focus on wildlife and we travel in small groups. Nature loving travelers come from all over the World to experience and learn about Sweden's wildlife and nature.

  • Our company's legal name is Skogens Konung AB. It translates into The King of the Forest. WildSweden is a registered trademark owned by Skogens Konung AB. Our corporate identification number is 556838-1064.

  • Postal address: WildSweden, Tallvägen 6, S-790 15  Sundborn, Sweden. Note that this is just Marcus’ home office.

Our company is small, but we have an extensive network of friends that all contribute to our guest's experiences in various ways. In this way we can create multi-day all-inclusive nature holidays where we combine exciting activities with good food and comfortable accommodation.

  • Some guides are employed, but we also have a network of specialized wildlife guides spread out across Sweden.

  • We have also teamed up with some of Sweden’s foremost wildlife researchers and experts.

  • We work together with carefully selected hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.

  • We work together with travel agents that helps us reach out to nature loving travelers across the World.

>> How we contribute to nature & wildlife <<

About our tours

We always focus on wildlife like moose, wolves, beavers and bears. We always go with big respect for the animals, in small groups, not too often and only during certain times of the year.

Our tours are a combination or hiking in forests, canoeing on rivers, boating with electric motor on lakes and waiting silently in photo hides.

We take people to the right place at the right time to spot wildlife in their natural habitat, with great respect for the animals. Also, you don’t have to travel to the north of Sweden to spot wildlife and nice nature. For example, the best moose area is Bergslagen, just two hours from Stockholm, where there are also good numbers of wolves and beavers.

During Winter we organize adventure tours in Swedish Lapland together with native Sámi people, and with focus on moose, reindeer and of course the Northern lights.

Who joins our tours?

Nature loving people from all over the World come to join our tours. It is mostly couples and solo travelers, but also families and small groups.

  • 85 percent are from European countries

  • 10 percent are from overseas, i.e. Australia, Asia and USA.

  • 5 percent are from Sweden

All in all we have actually had guests from more than 75 countries, including North-Korea, New Zealand, Paraguay, Uzbekistan, Hawaii, some even a few guests from Norway! ;)