Lynx expedition in wild Lapland

We just have to do this! Lynx are so elusive but we believe this is the best place to give it a try. Join us for an adventurous week watching for Lynx in Swedish Lapland. This is our most adventurous Winter trip.
— Marcus Eldh, founder of WildSweden

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These elusive animals are very difficult to find when you need them. But many of our earlier guests have requested tours where there is a chance to watch for lynx.

Even if our guides and some lucky guests get to see lynx once in a while, I must say they are not easy to find on demand. That's why we have chosen to not offer lynx tours.

Until now.

I've talked to many people across Sweden. Trackers, Sámi reindeer herders and nature photographers. I've received some very valuable tips. And there are actually a few specific places where there is a chance to see Lynx. One of them more promising than the others.

I have finally chosen a promising location. Where the chance to see a Lynx may be better than anywhere else in Sweden. I've promised not to reveal the exact location so I can't tell you where we are going until you arrive.

We are now planning for our first tryout trip, scheduled for March 2019. March means mating season for Lynx, which makes it even more interesting. That's the only time of year when they make calls. So that you can hear if they are nearby.

The plan

This trip is actually much more than just lynx.

  • Excellent chances to see the Northern lights

  • Photograph wild Reindeer and Moose in a snowy landscape

  • Travel with likeminded people in small groups and local guides for more genuine experiences

  • Learn how to snowshoe and use Nordic skis

  • Two nights at guesthouse and three nights in wilderness cabin


The location is not easy to reach. It is a valley in the North-Western parts of Swedish Lapland. With no roads leading there. You will arrive at Luleå airport or by an overnight train from Stockholm to Jokkmokk, then drive by car for a few hours, then go with snowmobile for another couple of hours, and finally go on nordic skis the last bit.

We will finally reach a fantastic little mountain cabin where we will spend some days together. We will even cook our meals together. In daytime we will search for tracks and watch for Lynx through binoculars and spottig scopes, and with a bit of luck we can spot Lynx on the rocky hillside in the distance.

At night we will hope for another sought after view, the Northern Lights, a common sight in this area.

March in Swedish Lapland also means you have a good chance to see other impressive wildlife. This part of Sweden is home to large populations of reindeer, as well as good numbers of moose. We also have the chance to see Mountain hare and Ptarmigan. Our guides will ensure nothing is missed as we explore this beautiful landscape.

Each day we will explore the valley on nordic skis slowly in a small group, keeping an eye out for the tracks and signs of these felines, hoping for a sighting. Even if we’re not lucky with lynx, the location in itself is stunning and just being out there is an adventure.


We can't promise that, but we will certainly try our best. And many people have seen Lynx at this exact place. Reindeer herders talk about it, researchers and wildlife experts have done Lynx research here, and journalists have been here to see Lynx. But of course, most of the time you don't see it. They avoid people and are well camouflaged.

We also aim to photograph Reindeer and Moose in a snowy landscape Good chances to see the Northern Lights Stay two nights at a guesthouse and three nights in a remote cabin Local guides and small groups for more genuine experiences


We can't promise but ut is very likely. Swedish Lapland offer more stable weather than other popular winter destinations which means we have the best conditions. Imagine yourself standing in deep snow under a green explosion of Northern Lights far out in the wild.


Known as Lapland, the native name of this area is actually Sápmi. The indigenous Samis inhabit the region of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola peninsula of Russia.

Day 1: Arrival in Jokkmokk

Take the night train from Stockholm to Jokkmokk. Or fly via Stockholm to Luleå and take the transfer bus from Luleå to Jokkmokk.

We all meet up in Jokkmokk in the afternoon. Welcome dinner with your tour guide and fellow travelers.

Each evening holds an opportunity to watch for Northern lights. If the sky is clear, we all go outside to look out for the aurora. Of course, since the Northern lights are a natural phenomenon, we are never guaranteed to see them, but Northern Sweden has some of the most frequent and intense auroral activity on the planet...meaning our odds are very good.

We will make sure you are well equipped so that you will stay warm during the entire week. We provide high quality winter clothing that we pick up and try out on this first day. Temperatures may drop as low as -20℃, but you will be well equipped so no need to worry.

Night at Jokkmokk guesthouse.

Day 2: Into the wild

Big adventure day! On this day we will drive by minibus, then go on a snowmobile sledge, and finally go the last bit on nordic skis. Along the way we will hopefully see some moose and reindeer. We will reach our cabin in the late afternoon.

As we get to the cabin we watch for Lynx, and later for the Northern Lights.

We cook and eat together and stay the night in the cabin.

Day 3 & 4: Searching for Lynx and having a good time

During these two days we will spend our days watching through spotting scopes, but also explore the valley on skis. To search for tracks and signs of Lynx and other wildlife.

We cook together, watch for Northern Lights each evening and stay in the cabin at night.

Day 5: Watching, then return to Jokkmokk

We leave the cabin behind and start our journey back to Jokkmokk. This gives us another good chance to see more moose and reindeer.

Dinner in Jokkmokk.

Night at a guesthouse.

Day 6: Departure

After breakfast you can take the bus back to the train station or to Luleå airport.


  • Tour leader

  • Ski equipment

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • Full board with all meals included

  • Round-trip transportation from Jokkmokk


  • Single room supplement 400 SEK for the first and last night.

  • Winter clothing can be rented at 1800 SEK for the entire trip

  • Special transfer from Luleå airport with return SEK 1500. Note that there is also an option to use the public airport shuttle transfers.


  • Two nights in single/double/twin rooms at Jokkmokk guesthouse. The rooms are basic but comfortable and clean, all with shared bathroom in the corridor.

  • Three nights in shared mountain cabin. The cabin has plenty of beds and sees few visitors at this time of year, but it is open for anyone so technically we are not able to promise that you will sleep in a proper bed. If we are unlucky some of us may have to sleep on a mattress on the floor and if you are a couple you may have to share a bed. Bathrooms are shared in a separate shed. There is no electricity and no showers. There is a kitchen with wood heated stoves. We need you to participate in the cooking, and to help carry water and fire wood.

  • We will put a lot of effort into preparing the menu for this tour. A typical day starts with a Swedish breakfast and in the evening, we cook dinner together in the cabin. As long as weather permits we will have lunch outside to fully enjoy the landscape around us.

If you are looking for a longer holiday we recommend you to add extra nights in Jokkmokk or Luleå.


Recommended minimum age is 15 years. Participants should be able to walk in uneven terrain without difficulties. Walking level is medium. You don't need any previous experience in skiing but you need to be generally fit. Nordic skiing is more like walking on skis and you will see that it is easy to learn. We will be skiing between 5-10 kilometers per day in terrain with just little differences in altitude and with a daypack of around 5 kg. All skiing is optional. You can also stay by the cabin and spend more time watching for Lynx.


Maximum 7 participants with one guide. With two guides we may take up to 12 participants.


We all meet up at Jokkmokk guesthouse at 3 pm. On the last day we wake up at the guesthouse in Jokkmokk and you are free to go.

or an airport shuttle that will take you from Jokkmokk to Luleå, even for early morning flights if you want to leave early.

By train: Take the overnight Arctic Circle train from Stockholm Central Station or Arlanda airport to arrive in Murjek (13 hours) the following morning, where there is a connecting bus to Jokkmokk (2 hours), on the same ticket. When you arrive in Jokkmokk you just walk 500 meters to Jokkmokk guesthouse. There are several options for trains with connecting buses, and the return journey is similar but may change from bus to train in other towns than Murjek. This may sound like a long way to travel, but it is a great trip and a good start of your adventure, and much better for the environment. The train has a restaurant with basic meals, snacks and drinks. If you are unsure you can travel by train in one direction and fly in the other direction. Purchase your train tickets at The cost of the train ticket depends on which comfort you choose. The approximate rate for a bunk bed in a shared 6-bed compartment is about 2500 SEK for a return ticket if you book a month in advance. 3-bed compartment or private compartment are also available. Let me know if you need any advise. Note that the tickets for these trains are not released until about 3 months prior to departure. Before the tickets are released it may look as if everything is sold out.

By air: Fly from Stockholm to Luleå Airport (LLA). From there we offer a transfer service which is 750 SEK ons way. We are currently checking what time we will offer that service and will update that information here soon. (Marcus note 14 January 2019)


Our booking procedure is simple. Just fill in the booking form at this page. You pay a 20% deposit at the time of booking and the rest 45 days before you arrive.

We will manually review your booking to make sure that we still have availability. If everything is okay we will send you a confirmation by email within 24 hours. Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied, and credit card details are held for security purposes only.

  • You may cancel your tour at no cost up to 7 days from the time of booking. We will provide a 100% refund.

  • Cancellations between 8 days from the time of booking and 46 days before arrival will be charged at 25% of the booking’s total amount.

  • Cancellations between 45 days and 15 days before arrival will be charged at 75% of the booking’s total amount.

  • Cancellations within 14 days of arrival will be charged at 100% of the booking’s total amount.