When to go

See this tour monthly calendar for when you can join our tours.



Most of Sweden is covered in snow and lakes are covered by a thick layer of ice. Lapland is freezing cold and it is a good time to view the Aurora Borealis.



More daylight for nice and sunny winter days. Wolf mating season makes them very active. Owls calling at night. Moose are day active and can be seen when they search for food. Brown Bears give birth to their cubs inside their dens. Lapland is still freezing cold and it is a good time to see the Aurora Borealis.



Winter is slowly coming to an end in Central and Southern Sweden. Longer and warmer days. Lynx mating season. Wolves are active. Moose are day active in the search for food. Owls calling at night. Lapland is still cold but with much more comfortable temperatures and longer days, and still good chances to see the Aurora Borealis.



Winter is over in Central Sweden. The last snow is melting and the lakes are opening up. The Beavers become active. Owls and other birds are active and calling. Capercaillie lekking season. Bears are waking up from their hibernation to search for food. Moose become more visible. Lapland is still covered in snow, but the days are longer than the nights so it is a pleasant time to visit.



Spring has arrived and wildflowers burst into bloom after a long dark winter. Moose are happy to find lots of fresh food and become more visible. Beavers are very active. Birds are very active. Wolves give birth to litters of pups. Brown Bear mating season.



Summer has arrived in Sweden with warm days but nights can still be chilly. 100,000 Moose calves are born. Beaver cubs are born and parents are very active. The Wolf pups can be heard howling at night. The best time to see Brown Bears because of the long summer nights.



The warmest summer month. Moose calves are more active and visible. Beavers are active. Wolf pups are growing fast and can be heard howling at night. The best time to see Brown Bears because of the long summer nights.




Warm and comfortable summer month. Moose antlers are fully grown and bulls become more visible. Beavers are active. The Wolves are howling loud at night and pups are beginning to move around more. A good time for Brown Bear watching, especially the first half of August when the days are still long.



Autumn arrives with chilly and darker evenings which can make photography more difficult. But this is the best month in many aspects. Less people in the forest. No mosquitos. Blueberries, lingonberries in abundance! Moose are in their rut which means more activity among all moose, and the big bulls are often seen. Beavers are active. The Wolves are howling loud at night and moving more in the territory. Brown Bears are very active but the long dark nights makes it difficult to photograph them.



Autumn in Central Sweden means shorter days, but with fresh crisp air. Nice for hiking and canoeing. October means its Moose hunting season but it is still possible to see the animals, especially in the beginning of October can be very good for Moose. Beavers are active cutting trees to collect food for the winter.

During October we only offer tours for groups or at special requests.



Short days. Crisp and sunny days can be ideal for some canoeing and a barbecue at the campfire. Snow is falling in Lapland and often in Central Sweden too.

During October we only offer tours for groups or at special requests.



Very short days and long nights with snow falling in Central Sweden. Lapland is in full winter with the Aurora dancing in the sky!