Swarovski joined WildSweden

Swarowski Optik

Swarowski Optik

In September 2013 the Austrian manufacturer of high-quality binoculars Swarovski joined WildSweden for a 5-day wildlife tour. Here is what happened during their visit in Sweden.

The first two nights were spent at Kolarbyn Ecolodge in Skinnskatteberg with all outdoor meals taken in the forest with outdoor kitchen equipment from our partner Light my fire. They got to try the floating sauna, hear traditional chanting across lake Skärsjön and tried several bushcraft activities such as making fire with a knives from Mora of Sweden.

On the first night we took the whole group for a guided Moose Safari evening tour and managed to see several Moose while walking and driving at sunset. We were all using the latest Swarovski binoculars of course!

On the third night we went to Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve for a Wolf howling tour and an exciting night in the Kloten Wolf territory. We had set up an excellent tent camp with Fjällräven tents and sleepingbags at a beautiful location by a lake right in the Wolf territory. Black throated divers were calling, the fireplace was lit and we had an outdoor dinner by the lake, all sitting on our brand new seats from Walkstool. At midnight we went out to a strategic location to listen for Wolves and the highlight of the tour for many of the participants was to hear a whole Wolf family howl together in the dark forest. We found our way back to the camp with our new headlamps from Brunton.

On the final night the group stayed at Schenströmska Herrgården, a manor house i Ramnäs, Västmanland.


About Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik is a division of the Swarovski group of companies, manufacturing high-quality optical instruments. Its headquarters are in Absam, Tyrol, Austria.

Founded in 1949, the Austrian company Swarovski specialises in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market. Its binoculars, telescopes (spotting scopes), rifle scopes, range finders and night sight devices are products of choice for demanding users. The company’s success is based on its strength in innovation, the quality of its products and their functional and aesthetic design. An appreciation of nature is an essential part of the company’s philosophy, and is reflected in its environment-friendly production and its long-term commitment to selected nature conservation projects.