We saw a Lynx with NatureTrek!

NatureTrek Sweden
NatureTrek Sweden

NatureTrek Sweden

Marcus Eldh led our 5-day ‘Sweden’s Mammals’ holiday in early September, and sent us news of one particular sighting on the first evening of the tour!

On their first day, our group had already enjoyed excellent views of 14 Elk, a Beaver and a few Roe Deer before they pulled in at a site, with views across a stunning lake, to discuss what to do next.

As it was such a still night, they decided to try listening for Wolves. After the bonus of seeing a Ural Owl perched in a roadside tree, they rounded a corner and Marcus saw some ‘eye-shine’ in his spotlight; he wondered if it might be a Fox.

The van crept forwards very slowly and, with the animal remaining amongst grasses, it wasn’t possible to be sure what it was. However, luckily the animal was not moving quickly, so our group was able to catch up with it on an open track.

Now they were able to turn the spotlight directly onto the animal to reveal its identity – a European Lynx, and fairly close!

Everyone had clear views of the lynx – it was a beautiful straw colour with faint spotting, pointed ears, and a very stubby tail, which gave the impression of having been dipped in black paint.

The animal soon slipped off into the night, leaving our group in a state of great excitement to have had such a wonderful sighting.

Once everyone had calmed down, the evening’s original plan was resumed, and they went on to hear and record the howling of Wolves at very close range.

It was a very memorable night, and an exciting introduction to the special wildlife of central Sweden’s forests and lakes!

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