Outdoor activities

This is your ideal basecamp for outdoor activities in Sweden.

Enjoy hiking, canoeing and fishing in wild nature. This region is wilderness wonderland, richly forested with hundreds of lakes and teeming with wildlife.

Photo: WildSweden

Easy hiking in Sweden’s wild nature

Hiking around lake Skärsjön

Kolarbyn Ecolodge is located by the beautiful lake Skärsjön. The trail around the lake offers 1,5-2,5 hours easy hike. Pick up a map in the reception and venture out. For more adventurous hikers there are big forests to explore.



Kolarbyn sauna bathing

Kolarbyn sauna bathing

Sauna bathing, floating on the lake

We have a sauna floating on the lake! It is wood heated and has space for up to 10 persons. Heat up the sauna oven with fire wood at your own. After about 20 minutes it is hot enough and ready for use. To cool down, just plunge into the lake for a refreshing swim.

Lake Skärsjön has exceptionally clear water, a natural sand beach and is scattered with smooth rocks shaped during the last ice age. The temperature is usually okay for swimming during July and August when the water temperature rises just above 20 degrees Celsius. During the rest of the year we recommend you to heat up in the sauna before plunging in to the cold water. The lake is usually covered by a thick layer of ice from December to mid-April.


Bilberries in Kolarbyn

Bilberries in Kolarbyn

Pick berries and mushrooms

Did you know that what most people call blueberries are actually bilberries! Anyway, these blue berries are simply delicious and very healthy! The surrounding forest is covered by bilberry plants so feel free to fill your buckets. Typically, the season runs from the end of July through most of August and September. Between August and October there is also plenty of lingonberries and various types of edible mushrooms available. Chanterelle is by far the most popular mushroom and often referred to by Swedes as the gold of the forest. So, bring a big basket and a mushroom reference book. Fry the chantarelles in an iron pan with butter and a little salt over the open fire and eat on bread.


Jörgen Pettersson Red squirrel

Meet the squirrels

Yes, there are red squirrels in Kolarbyn! They live in the trees around the huts all year and are sometimes curious to see what you are having for breakfast. Just look around and you are likely to see them. Send us your photos and we will post them at Facebook.


Cooking food over open fire

Cooking food over open fire. Photo: Henrik Wester

Cook food over open fire

Kolarbyn has several fire places hidden between the trees, and one has a view over lake Skärsjön. Cut your own fire wood. We provide pans, cutlery and other primitive but usable kitchen supply in the little storehouse. Kolarbyn has a small selection of basic lunches and dinners for sale to be cooked at your own over open fire. If you need more food the nearest supermarket is in Skinnskatteberg just 3 kilometers away.


Fishing in lakes

Fishing in lakes. Photo: Henrik Wester

Fishing in the lakes

Kolarbyn is located by lake Skärsjön which is ideal for Pike and Perch fishing. Buy a fishing permit at the reception. In the nearby village of Skinnskatteberg (3 km) you will find Team Sportia, a sport- and fishing outfitter with a wide selection of fishing equipment as well as permits to hundreds of nearby lakes. The surrounding area offers many excellent fishing waters, for example the Hedströmmen river, the Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve and a big number of other good lakes and ponds. Professional fishing guides are available at request.


Relax in nature

Take some time to just relax in nature. Photo: Henrik Wester

Take a deep breath and relax

Studies show that enjoying a natural setting — like a forest — can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress levels. Exposure to nature can help you sleep well and increase vigour and liveliness. It can even boost your immune system. So while you are here, I suggest you take some time to just do nothing. Just like John in this photo.


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