Frequently asked questions about Kolarbyn

Outdoor food & cooking

Kolarbyn has several fire places for outdoor cooking. Chop your own wood and light a fire. Pans, cutlery and other outdoor cooking equipment is available in a shed. We provide basic ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Toilet & shower

There are several rustic but fresh privies (outhouses). There are no showers but feel free to take a sauna and a plunge in lake Skärsjön or wash yourself in the nearby stream.

Bringing your dog

Dogs and other pets are welcome as long as you can make sure that they respect the wild plants and animals. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to join our guided tours. Luckily there is a solution for that! We recommend the dog hotel Hånkatorpets hundpensionat near Skinnskatteberg.

Mobile phones

Most mobile phones have a decent reception in the area. However, we recommend you to switch off your phones while in Kolarbyn so that you can enjoy the natural silence during your stay.

In case of emergency

A First Aid kit is available in Kolarbyn’s storehouse and our guides have gone through First Aid training. The nearest health centre is in Skinnskatteberg, 3 kilometers, a general hospital is in Köping, 44 kilometers, and the regional hospital is in Västerås, 60 kilometers.

Electricity and drinking water

There is no electricity at all. Use candles and headlamps. Each hut has a wood heated stove to keep you warm and dry. Fetch your own drinking water from the forest spring.

Three people in one hut?

If you are three l persons travelling together you can add an extra berth in between the two regular berths in the forest hut. Note that if you add the extra berth you cannot use the floor since the extra berth is hanging between the two other berths. The whole forest hut becomes like one big bed. The berth is very narrow so it is only suitable for kids. If you are three adults you will get two forest huts.

Car parking

Kolarbyn has free car parking lots by the gravel road just 50 meters from the huts.