Wolf tracking holiday

Wolf tracking in Winter in Sweden

Wolf tracking in Winter in Sweden

Imagine you are standing on a lake.

Yes, a frozen lake of solid ice covered in snow. It is freezing cold and oh so quiet. Evergreen forests all around.

No people.

Welcome to Wolf territory!

Get to know a family of Wolves

Our trackers will take you to a local Wolf family. They are there.

You track them, learn their movement patterns, experience how they live, find the leftovers of what they eat, see where they sleep, hear them howl under the stars.

And if you are lucky, see them run across a frozen lake!

This is your chance to join a professional Wolf tracker for a whole weekend with full focus on Wolves. This is what you will do:

  • Be outdoors and track Wolves in a snowy Winter landscape with our expert trackers
  • Listen to Wolves’ howling under the stars at night
  • Learn all about Wolves in a presentation at Sweden’s leading wildlife research station
  • Try snowshoeing on frozen lakes
  • Stay at warm a cosy guesthouse with homemade meals
  • It also happens occasionally that we see Wolves!

This tour aims to get to know the Wolf family that we track. And you will see that there is so much to learn.


Learn from the experts

To be honest, this isn’t a holiday at all!

We know you want more than that. This is more like a course or an outdoor seminar.

You will learn a lot from this experience. You will come out enlightened. On Wolves!

As part of the tour you will take part in a seminar on Wolves at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station. An exclusive in-depth lecture on your favourite animal. Lead by a researcher from the Scandinavian Wolf project. With years of experience of field work.

This is your chance to learn from the best. Ask questions!

Our experienced Wolf trackers follow the local Wolf packs throughout the year and during this tour they will take you to the heart of one of the Wolf territories.

You need to be lucky to actually see the Wolves during this weekend.

But there is still a chance, and just being near to these mystical animals is an experience in itself.


Itinerary for our Wolf tracking holidays

Day 1 Arrival day

Meet up with your guide at the guesthouse in the afternoon. We sit down for some information about the tour before we head out for our own first-hand experiences in the nearby Wolf territory. We return for a late dinner together. Night at guesthouse. (Please let us know if you would like to have lunch at the guesthouse before the tour begins, recommended.)

Day 2 Early morning, research station and late night

We get up early and travel together to a lake where we have a chance to see Wolves run across on the frozen lake. We bring coffee and warm drinks and watch for Wolves as the night turns into day. We then return to the guesthouse for lunch. Later during the day we visit Grimsö Wildlife Research Station where we are welcomed by one of Sweden’s foremost Wolf researchers who gives us an in-depth lecture on Wolves. Later in the afternoon we again head out to the nearby Wolf territory for tracking and watching. We have an outdoor dinner by the fire and then spend another late night watching and listening for Wolves. Night at guesthouse.

Day 3 Departure day

Depending on what happened during the night we might get up early in the morning for some last chance tracking and watching. We return to the guesthouse for a brunch before we conclude the tour and prepare for departure.


Rates (valid until 31 October, 2015)

  • Adult SEK 5300

Included: Guided excursions. Full board from dinner day 1 until brunch day 3. Lodging 2 nights.

Lodging: This tour includes lodging at a guesthouse near Skinnskatteberg. You can choose between double or twin room. We will choose the most suitable guesthouse according to the current wildlife situation.

Tour dates: 13 – 15 February 2014.

When is best: January-March is usually good for Wolf tracking and watching depending on hunting times as well as the current snow cover.

Guided activities: This tour includes several guided excursions which typically lasts for 2-5 hours at a time, both during morning and late evenings/night depending on weather conditions and the group’s preferences. During most excursions we transfer by van and then ski through the forest and across frozen lakes. We provide off track skis for all participants. These skis are broader (80mm) than regular cross-country skis that are made to be used in prepared tracks. Please note that you do not need any previos skiing experience but you must be in a generally good condition. We often divide the participants into two groups, one for the more experienced and one for less experienced skiers, and this group may choose to walk without skis during some excursions.

Times: This tour starts at 13 hours day 1 and finishes at 12 noon day 3. Please make sure that you are at the meeting location in time. Give us a call if you are late.

Location: This tour starts and finishes at a Pensionat Udden guesthouse near Skinnskatteberg. Map & directions.

Suitability: Recommended minimum age is 15 years. The level of activity is very much dependent on the current wildlife situation as well as the weather, but sometimes it gets tough (deep snow, cold, windy etc) so you need to be in a generally fit condition. Please note that we may stay awake late at night and/or get up early in the morning. We sometimes walk or ski 1-5 kilometers in snow, but with many short breaks along the way. The tour typically includes cross country skiing, but you are not expected to be a skilled skier. Please bring your own cross country skiing equipment if you have any, otherwise we will provide skiing equipment for you. The tour may also include hours of waiting outdoors in cold conditions so it is very important that you bring clothing as advised in the ”What to bring section”. Depending on the wildlife situation we may stand or sit and watch for wildlife for several hours. Please don’t be scared off by this, just make sure you dress accordingly.

Group size: Maximum 8 participants per guide. With 2 guides there may be up to 16 participants.

Wildlife information: Please note that Wolves in Sweden are very shy and difficult to see in the wild. Our main focus is tracking, to see prints, territorial markings, killed prey and to feel their presence. If the situation is promising, we will also try to see Wolves at some strategic locations. Although we rarely see Wolves it does happens occasionally. Our guides work hard and spend a lot of time tracking in the nearby Wolf territories to be able to locate the Wolves throughout the year.