Bergslagen wildlife experience

Photo: WildSweden

Moose, Beavers and Wolves are some of the most characteristic wild animals in Sweden. Wanna see them in the wild?

Well, we know where to find them. In Bergslagen. And you are welcome to join us!

This is our most popular multi-day package.


Bergslagen – a wildlife wonderland just 2 hours from Stockholm

If you’re into nature and wildlife watching, the Bergslagen forest is where you should go.

It is easy to get here!

Located just two hours out of Stockholm and the Arlanda airport. In fact, Bergslagen has proven to be one of the best regions in Sweden to experience Moose, Beaver and Wolves among other wildlife species like Lynx, Bears and Owls.

The Summer season between April and October is the best time to come. That’s when we’re out for Moose, Beavers and Wolves.


Get the most out of your wildlife holiday

If you wanna maximize your chances to have some seriously good wildlife encounters you should stay for at least three nights.

Spend some days with us. We’ll take you to our best spots. That’s all it takes!

You will have almost guaranteed sightings of Moose and Beavers. Plus very big chances to hear the Wolves howl at night. We rarely see the Wolves, but it does happen. Still, the Wolf howling experience is by far the tour that gets the most raving reviews from earlier guests.

They absolutely loved it!

The Wolf night will likely be the highlight of your trip.


With a cosy guesthouse as your base camp

You probably don’t come here to sleep. But there will actually be time to rest as well.

With this package you will always have access to a room at a cosy guesthouse where you can sleep comfortably between the guided excursions.

The guesthouse is located in a Wolf territory, by a beautiful lake and surrounded by nature ready for you to explore. You will be treated with home cooked food made from locally produced and organic ingredients. Veggie, gluten free or no fish, we take any diet just as seriously as anything else.

With a combination of Moose, Beavers and Wolves you have the ultimate package. Close wildlife encounters. Nights at a guesthouse. Good food. Together with other participants, nature lovers, who all share the same interest.

Most of the excursions are during the evenings. That’s by far the best time to spot wildlife. Our excursions involve various walking, driving and boating excursions which means you will get to spend a lot of time out in nature. Together with our passionate guides.

Here, we have set up two great packages for you to choose from. These packages are designed to make the most out of your wildlife watching holiday in Sweden during the Summer season.

  • Stay at a family run guesthouse with local food
  • Big chance to see Moose and Beaver and to hear Wolves howl
  • Learn more about Sweden’s wildlife from experienced guides
  • Spend the night in a Wolf territory
  • Slide show presentation with researcher at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station


Choose one of these wildlife packages

These are our rates including accommodation at one of our partner guesthouses. The rates are valid until 31 October 2014.


Photo: Glenn Mattsing

Photo: Glenn Mattsing

Bergslagen wildlife experience
with Moose, Beaver & Wolf

3 nights with MooseBeaver and Wolf tours.
 6950 SEK    (Recommended minimum age 15 years)
2 nights at guesthouse, 1 night in tent, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 guided tours.
When: June – September. On Thursdays – Sundays, every second week. See calendar



Photo: Marie Mattsson Moose

Photo: Marie Mattsson

Bergslagen wildlife experience
with Moose, Beaver & Guided wildlife hike

3 nights with MooseBeaver and Guided wildlife hike.
6550 SEK    Child: 3850 SEK (10-15 years)
3 nights at guesthouse, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 guided tours.
When: April – September. On selected Thursdays – Sundays. See calendar



What you will get:

  • A nice place to stay – close to nature.
  • All you can eat breakfasts, lunches, dinners + snacks, coffee and water.
  • Knowledgable and passionate wildlife guides from the area.
  • All local transfers.
  • If you arrive by train/bus we are happy to pick you up at Skinnskatteberg station.

Accommodation: This tour includes lodging at one of our partner guesthouses near Skinnskatteberg. We will choose the most suitable guesthouse according to the current wildlife situation. Double, twin and family rooms are available. If you travel alone there is a single room supplement of 195 SEK per night. That fee is not applicable for the night in tent. During the Wolf excursion we stay out in a tent using sleeping bags. And yes, we will bring all necessary equipment for the night in the tent.

Arrival time: Please arrive before 16h at the guesthouse to be in time for your first excursion. Give us a call if you are late. There will be no more activities after breakfast on the last day. Note that if you are on a Wolf tour on the last day we finish with a brunch at 12 noon.

For who? Recommended minimum age is 10 years for most tours and 15 years for the Wolf tour. Please note that the long sun hours during June and July means that we have to stay out until late. Often after midnight. But we often get the chance to sleep in the mornings. Participants should be able to walk in the forest without difficulties. We may walk up to 1 hour on gravel roads as well as in uneven terrain off trails, even in darkness at night. Walks include many stops along the way.

Group size: Maximum 8 participants per guide. With 2 guides there may be up to 16 participants.

Wildlife information: Please note that Wolves in Sweden are very shy and difficult to see in the wild. Our main focus is to listen for howls, to see prints, territorial markings, killed prey and to feel their presence. If the situation is promising, we will also try to see Wolves at some strategic location. Although we rarely see Wolves it does happen occasionally. Our guides work hard and spend a lot of time tracking in several Wolf territories to be able to locate the Wolves all year around.

Location: We will send you the directions to your guesthouse when you have made your booking. It will be somewhere near Skinnskatteberg, which is just 2 hours travel from Stockholm.