Kolarbyn Ecolodge wildlife adventure

Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Kolarbyn Ecolodge – Sweden’s most primitive hotel

With this wildlife package you get to stay three nights at lovely Kolarbyn Ecolodge with canoeing, Beaver Safari and Moose Safari evening tours. We have included all you need to survive some days in the forest: Food, sleeping bag equipment and transfers. A great wildlife adventure for couples, families and friends.

  • Stay three nights in a cozy forest hut at Kolarbyn Ecolodge
  • Chop fire wood and cook food over open fire
  • Good chances to see Moose and Beaver
  • Learn more about Sweden’s wildlife and nature by our skilled guides
  • Canoe at a silent lake, go for a hike, collect berries and mushrooms

During the Summer season (April-September) we offer Moose and Beaver safari evening tours with Kolarbyn Ecolodge as a base camp. This package is ideal for families, couples and friends who are looking to do something different and back-to-nature. You will have plenty of time to explore the Swedish nature at your own as well as with our professional wildlife guides. You can spend the day hiking in the forest, swimming in lakes, picking berries or just relax by one of our camp fires where you can cut your own fire wood.


Program 2015

Day 1  Canoeing

Arrive at Kolarbyn Ecolodge and meet with your host for a short introduction walk around the huts. You are so welcome! Feel free to place your bags inside your forest hut, unroll your sleeping bag and light some candles. Feel like home in your little hut. Now, your first adventure is awaiting! Go down to the lake where a canoe is ready for you. This canadian style canoe is stable and safe and fits two adults and two kids. Canoeing is the ideal way to explore the lake and the pristine surrounding forests. We provide a waterproof map that marks out some of the highlights of this lake called Skärsjön. It is a relatively small lake but good enough for an hour or two of paddling.

You will see that the whole idea with Kolarbyn Ecolodge is self-catering and do-it-yourself. During this first evening you get to cook your own evening meal over open fire. You fetch your own water in the nearby spring, chop your own fire wood, light a camp fire and cook over the fire. You will find basic foods and all necessary outdoor kitchen equipment in the food shed. Please note that the ingredients are basic, such as pasta and canned sauces. For fresh foods you may also want to visit the supermarket in the village which is 3 kilometers away. Afterwards you do your dishes in the stream and separate all packaging at our recycling station. In the evening you can either go canoeing, hiking, fishing, swimming or just rest by the camp fire. Find your own spot or join some of the other guests at the campfire. Sleep well in your forest hut.


Day 2  Beaver Safari

Self-service breakfast at any time. After breakfast you have a whole day to explore the surrounding forest. Either on foot or by canoe. Swedish nature is safe and although they are close by large animals never visit the Kolarbyn site. You cook your own lunch at the camp fire. In the evening you get to join one of our wildlife guides for a guided Beaver Safari tour. We transfer to another nearby lake where there are big chances to see wild Beavers. When we arrive at the lake we enter one of our rubber boats with electric engine that increases our chances to get near to the Beavers during sunset. We stop for a dinner on an island where the Beavers have cut down trees and created an interesting habitat. We return to the guesthouse after dark.

Important note: The Beaver Safari departs from Karmansbo Herrgård, which is located in Karmansbo village 18 km South of Kolarbyn Ecolodge. If you travel by car we ask you to drive to the starting point at your own. The drive is about 20 minutes. A map is available free of charge at the reception. If you do not have your own car, we will come to pick you up at Kolarbyn Ecolodge approximately 30 minutes before the Beaver Safari starts. We will also drive you back after the Beaver Safari.


Day 3 Moose Safari

Self-service breakfast at any time. Another free day of outdoor activities. Another lunch at your own. In the afternoon you will meet up with one of our wildlife guides again. This time for a Moose Safari tour. We transfer together to a nearby forest which is exceptionally good for Moose watching. The chance to spot some Moose is exceptionally good. Our guides have succeeded in showing Moose on every tour since 2003. The tour lasts for about 5 hours and you return to Kolarbyn Ecolodge after sunset late at night. An outdoor evening meal is included during the tour.


Day 4 Departure

Self-service breakfast in the forest at any time. Free time on your own. Stay as long as you want. Enjoy the nature. Say goodbye, then departure. You can also extend your adventure with our popular Wolf howling tour. Only on selected Thursdays during June – September. The Wolf tour is very popular and has limited availability so make sure you book the Wolf tour well in advance.


Rates (valid until 31 October, 2015)

Included: Lodging in forest huts 3 nights at Kolarbyn Ecolodge with 3 x self-service breakfast, 2 x self-service lunch, 1 x self-service dinner. 2 guided evening tours with 2 x served outdoor dinners, and a self-guided canoe trip. Sleeping bag equipment, canadian open canoe, life jacket/bouyancy vest, waterproof bags. Transfer from Skinnskatteberg train/bus station to Kolarbyn Ecolodge with return.

Tour dates: You can book this package every Monday-Thursday and Wednesday-Saturday during April-September. Please make a request for available dates.

When is best: April-September is usually good for the above mentioned wildlife. Second half of August and all of September means bigger chances to see Moose bulls with antlers because of mating season. Beavers can be seen during the entire period.

Guided activities: This adventure includes two guided excursions which lasts for 5 hours in the evening. During most excursions we transfer by van and then walk through the forest. The Beaver excursion is made by rubber boat with electric engine.

Times: You have access to your huts from 2pm (14h) on arrival day up until 12 noon on day of departure. The reception is not always attended but one of our hosts will meet and greet you at 2pm (14h) if nothing else has been agreed. Please let us know about your estimated time of arrival and please call if you are late. And also please make sure that you arrive in time for the safaris on day 2 and 3.

Location: Kolarbyn Ecolodge. See map below. How to get to Kolarbyn Ecolodge.

Travel by public transport: If you arrive by train/bus to Skinnskatteberg station, you get a free taxi transfer to Kolarbyn Ecolodge. Please note that you must book your taxi transfer yourself directly with the taxi company, before arrival, by email info@taxiskinnsberg.se or by phone +46-222-10040 before arrival. At the time of booking, let them know that WildSweden will pay for the transfer. Also see: How to get to Kolarbyn Ecolodge.

Suitability: Recommended minimum age is 8 years. Please note that the long sun hours during June and July means we have to stay out until late, often after midnight, but you have the chance to sleep in the mornings. Participants should be able to walk in the forest without difficulties. The amount of walking is dependent on the current wildlife situation. Walking level is medium. We may walk up to 1 hour on gravel roads as well as in uneven terrain off track. Walks include many stops along the way.

Group size: Maximum 8 participants per guide. With 2 guides there may be up to 16 participants. Kolarbyn Ecolodge has availability for 24 guests in total.


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