Map & how to get here

Most of our tours depart from Skinnskatteberg, a small town just two hours out of Stockholm. You can travel by car or easily use public transport. This map shows all starting points for our tours as well as guesthouses and airports.

The places marked out on the map shown below are all mentioned in our tour descriptions. To find out where your tour begins please read the detailed information for each tour.



Which airport?

There are three airports to choose from in the Stockholm region, as marked out on the above map.


Stockholm Arlanda airport

Stockholm-Arlanda airport (ARN): The main airport with Worldwide connections. Located 20 minutes from Stockholm Central Station, 2 hours from Skinnskatteberg and 4-5 hours from our Brown Bear lodges.


Stockholm Västerås airport

Stockholm-Västerås airport (VST): A small airport with RyanAir budget airline connections to London Stanstead. Travel time by car is 1 hour from Stockholm, 45 minutes from Skinnskatteberg and 4-5 hours from our Brown Bear lodges. At Västerås Airport you can book a rental car. If you choose to travel by public transport a shuttle bus to Västerås central station is available outside the airport in connection to your arrival time. The fare for the shuttle is about 50 SEK one way, paid to the driver by credit card. Reservation is not necessary. The shuttle will take you to Västerås central station where trains and buses can take you to Skinnskatteberg. For onward travel with train and bus from Västerås central station, see below.


Stockholm Skavsta airport

Stockholm-Skavsta airport (NYO): A small airport with RyanAir and WizzAir budget airline connections to many European cities. Located 1,5 hours from Stockholm, 3 hours from Skinnskatteberg, 5-6 hours from the Brown Bear lodges. Take an airport bus to Stockholm or rent a car at the airport.


Travel by car

Your most flexible choice is to travel by car. Rental cars (Sixt, Hertz, Avis) are available in all towns and airports. Roads in Sweden are relatively in good condition and there is not much traffic. You will find that driving in Sweden is easy!

Driving to Skinnskatteberg: Skinnskatteberg is a 2 hours drive from Stockholm, 2 hours from Stockholm Arlanda airport, 45 minutes from Stockholm Västerås airport and 3 hours from Stockholm Skavsta airport. We can help you with detailed driving directions at the time of booking.

Driving to our Brown Bear lodges: Our Brown Bear lodges are located in two different areas in Hälsingland, a 4-5 hours drive from Skinnskatteberg or Stockholm, 4-5 hour from Stockholm-Arlanda airport, 4-5 hours from Stockholm-Västerås airport and 5-6 hours from Stockholm-Skavsta airport. We will give you detailed directions at the time of booking.

Travel by train and bus

To Skinnskatteberg: You can easily travel by train and bus to Skinnskatteberg from Stockholm (2,5 hour), Stockholm Arlanda Airport (2,5 hours), Stockholm Skavsta Airport (3,5 hours) and Västerås train station (1,5 hour). There are connections to Skinnskatteberg by public transport nearly every hour from most airports and nearby towns.

From Stockholm to Skinnskatteberg: Trains run from Stockholm Central Station to Köping (1 hour, 20 minutes), where a public bus (number 550) will take you to Skinnskatteberg (50 minutes). We pick you up in Skinnskatteberg for the 10 minute transfer to your guesthouse. Total travel time from Stockholm to Skinnskatteberg is about 2,5 hours.

Tickets: For connections and tickets, please visit the website link below. Tickets for the whole journey may be purchased at any train station in Sweden or even on the train, but you will save money if you buy your tickets on-line in advance.

>> Swedish Railways – Train and bus tickets


Positions for SatNav/GPS


Kolarbyn Ecolodge

WGS 84: N 59° 48.311′, E 15° 43.718′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.80519, 15.72864

RT90: 6631741, 1495706

SWEREF99 TM: 6629941, 540880


Pensionat Udden Guesthouse

WGS 84: N 59° 53.415′, E 15° 37.549′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.89025, 15.62581

RT90: 6641229, 1489961

SWEREF99 TM: 6639354, 535022


Skinnskatteberg, train/bus station

WGS 84: N 59° 49.946′, E 15° 41.558′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.83244, 15.69263

RT90: 6634780, 1493690

SWEREF99 TM: 6632954, 538828


Grimsö wildlife research station 

WGS 84: N 59° 43.715′, E 15° 28.312′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.72859, 15.47187

RT90: 6623252, 1481252

SWEREF99 TM: 6621280, 526535


Guesthouse Färna Herrgård

WGS 84: N 59° 46.809′, E 15° 51.937′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.78014, 15.86562

RT90: 6628950, 1503397

SWEREF99 TM: 6627244, 548602


Guesthouse Färnas Hjärta

WGS 84: N 59° 46.938′, E 15° 51.698′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.78229, 15.86163

RT90: 6629189, 1503173

SWEREF99 TM: 6627480, 548374


Guesthouse Karmansbo

WGS 84: N 59° 41.752′, E 15° 44.619′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.69587, 15.74366

RT90: 6619561, 1496538

SWEREF99 TM: 6617777, 541859


Bear hide #1 

WGS 84: N 61° 12.817′, E 16° 4.148′

WGS 84 decimal: 61.21362, 16.06913

RT90: 6788696, 1514190

SWEREF99 TM: 6787051, 557434


Bear hide #2

WGS 84: N 62° 3.967′, E 15° 47.109′

WGS 84 decimal: 62.06611, 15.78516

RT90: 6883670, 1498960

SWEREF99 TM: 6881794, 541035


Bear hide #3

WGS 84: N 61° 32.450′, E 16° 22.125′

WGS 84 decimal: 61.54084, 16.36875

RT90: 6825261, 1529979

SWEREF99 TM: 6823795, 572764