Map & how to get here

This map shows all starting points for our tours as well as guesthouses and airports.

Many of our tours depart from Skinnskatteberg, a small town just two hours drive from Stockholm. We also have tours starting from Stockholm Central Station as well as Lapland in the north of Sweden.

To find out where your tour begins please read the detailed information for each tour.


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Which airport?

There are three airports to choose from in the Stockholm region, all marked out on the above map above.


Stockholm-Arlanda airport

Stockholm-Arlanda airport (ARN): This is the main airport in Stockholm. Travel time is 20 minutes from Stockholm Central Station, 2 hours from Skinnskatteberg and 3-4 hours from Bollnäs and Ljusdal which is where we pick you up for transfer to the Brown Bear lodges. Take a train from the airport or rent a car. See information below.


Stockholm-Västerås airport

Stockholm-Västerås airport (VST): This is small airport with RyanAir connections with London Stanstead only. Travelling with car takes 1 hour from Stockholm, 45 minutes from Skinnskatteberg and 4-5 hours from Bollnäs and Ljusdal which is where we pick you up for transfer to the Brown Bear lodges. With public transport the travel time is a bit longer. Rent a car at the airport or use public transport. If you choose to travel by public transport there is a shuttle bus to Västerås central station available outside the airport in connection to your arrival time. The fare for the shuttle bus is about 50 SEK one way, paid to the driver by credit card, no cash accepted and no reservation needed. The shuttle bus will take you to Västerås central station (a 15 minute drive) where trains and buses can take you to Skinnskatteberg where  many of our tours begin. See more information about trains and buses below.


Stockholm-Skavsta airport

Stockholm-Skavsta airport (NYO): A small airport with RyanAir and WizzAir connections with many European cities. Travel time from the airport is 1,5 hours from Stockholm, 3 hours from Skinnskatteberg, 5-6 hours from Bollnäs and Ljusdal which is where we pick you up for transfer to the Brown Bear lodges. Take an airport bus to Stockholm or rent a car at the airport.


Oslo-Gardemoen airport

Oslo-Gardemoen airport (OSL): This is the main airport in Oslo. Use this airport for our White Moose tours in Arvika, Värmland. Travel time is 20 minutes from Oslo Central Station and 2,5 hours from Arvika. Take a train from the airport or rent a car. See information below.


Travel by car

Your most flexible choice is to travel by car. Rental car companies like Sixt, Hertz, Avis and Budget are available in most towns and airports.

>> Find the cheapest rental car with AutoEurope.

Roads in Sweden are in relatively good condition and there is not much traffic. There will be some gravel roads but there is no need for a 4-wheel drive.

We will send you a map and the address with satnav-coordinates with your booking confirmation.

Driving to Skinnskatteberg: It takes approximately 2 hours to drive to Skinnskatteberg from Stockholm, 2 hours from Arlanda airport, 45 minutes from Västerås airport and 3 hours from Skavsta airport.

>> How to get to Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Driving to the Brown Bear and Wolverine lodges: We provide several lodges for Brown Bear and Wolverine watching. They are all located in the county of Hälsingland which is in an area 3-5 hours drive north of Stockholm. The lodges are located in different areas.

  • Travel time to Brown Bear lodge #1 is 3,5 hours from Stockholm, 3 hours from Arlanda airport, 3,5 hours from Skinnskatteberg, 3,5 hours from Västerås airport and 4,5 hours from Skavsta airport.
  • Travel time to Brown Bear lodge #2 is 5 hours from Stockholm, 4,5 hours from Arlanda airport, 5 hours from Skinnskatteberg, 5 hours from Västerås airport and 6 hours from Skavsta airport.

All lodges are marked out on the map above.

Driving to the White Moose tour in Arvika: Driving time to Arvika is 2,5 hours from Oslo-Gardemoen airport, 4 hours from Stockholm, 4 hours from Arlanda airport, 3,5 hours from Västerås airport, 4 hours from Skavsta airport and 3,5 hours from Skinnskatteberg.


Rental car from Stockholm Arlanda airport

How can I book a rental car?
I recommend you to make a reservation for a rental car at Auto Europe, a website that will compare rates and find you the best deals from several car rental companies. At Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you can rent cars at Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, National and Sixt.
Where do I collect my rental car?
When you arrive at Arlanda airport you take a free shuttle bus to a car rental office where you can pick up your car. The shuttle buses leave very frequently, the ride takes 5-10 minutes and there is a lot of room for large bags. Parking bus Beta takes you to Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz from terminals 2, 4 and 5. Parking bus Alfa takes you to Sixt from terminals 2, 4 and 5. You can easily walk (indoors) between the different terminals if you have to.


Can I collect my rental car from the airport terminal?
The various car rental companies all have offices at the airport in various terminals. But all cars are collected at the car rental parking offices which are all located a 5-10 minute shuttle bus ride from the airport terminals. Some of the car rental companies may offer you to pick up the car directly at the terminal at an extra cost.


Travel by train and bus

To Skinnskatteberg: You can easily travel by train and bus to Skinnskatteberg. Travel time from Stockholm is 2,5 hours, Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2,5 hours, Stockholm Skavsta Airport 3,5 hours and Västerås train station 1,5 hour. There are connections to Skinnskatteberg by public transport nearly every hour from most airports and nearby towns.

From Stockholm to Skinnskatteberg: Trains run from Stockholm Central Station to Köping (1 hour, 20 minutes), where a public bus (number 550) will take you to Skinnskatteberg (50 minutes). There is also another connection where you change in Avesta-Krylbo. Just choose the train with the best connection for you. When you arrive in Skinnskatteberg either a taxi or our guides can pick you up for the 10 minute transfer to your guesthouse. Total travel time from Stockholm to Skinnskatteberg is about 2,5 hours.

Tickets: For connections and tickets, please visit the website link below. Tickets for the whole journey may be purchased at any train station in Sweden or even on the train, but you will save money if you buy your tickets on-line in advance.

>> Buy your train/bus tickets online here
>> Order your taxi some days before arrival by email: or by phone +46-222-10040


Transfer service

We provide an exclusive transfer service from anywhere in Sweden at taxi rates. Example rates for the most common routes:

Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Skinnskatteberg
2990 SEK for one car 1-4 persons.

Västerås and Stockholm Västerås airport to Skinnskatteberg
1750 SEK for one car 1-4 persons.

Feel free to contact us for rates or to make a reservation.



Positions for SatNav/GPS


Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Address: Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Skärsjön, 73090, Skinnskatteberg

WGS 84: N 59° 48.311′, E 15° 43.718′

WGS 84 decimal: 59.80519, 15.72864


Pensionat Udden guesthouse

Address: Pensionat Udden, Udden 1, 739 91 Skinnskatteberg

WGS 84: 59°53’24.9″N 15°37’35.6″E

WGS 84 decimal: 59.890261, 15.626551


Skinnskatteberg, train/bus station

Address: Bergslagsvägen 2, 739 30 Skinnskatteberg

WGS 84: 59°49’57.1″N 15°41’31.8″E

WGS 84 decimal: 59.832531, 15.692161


Stockholm Nature & Wildlife Safari

Address: Norrmalmstorg 1, 11146 Stockholm

WGS 84: 59°19’59.9″N 18°4’20.1″E

WGS 84 decimal: 59.333303, 18.072252


Färna manor & spa

Address: Färna Herrgård 1, 739 70 Skinnskatteberg

WGS 84: 59°46’45.2″N 15°51’51.0″E

WGS 84 decimal: 59.779216, 15.864165


Färnas Hjärta B&B

Address: Skolvägen 6, Färna, 73970 Skinnskatteberg

WGS 84: 59°46’53.1″N 15°51’40.4″E

WGS 84 decimal: 59.781425, 15.861222


Karmansbo herrgård guesthouse

Address: Karmansbo 1, 730 30 Kolsva

WGS 84: 59°41’44.6″N 15°44’31.3″E

WGS 84 decimal: 59.695709, 15.742035


Bear hide #1 

Address: Vargas Vildmarkslodge, Södra Stora Öjungen 231, 82192 Bollnäs

The nearest train station is Bollnäs.

WGS 84: 61°12’45.5″N 16°3’53.7″E

WGS 84 decimal: 61.212637, 16.06493


Bear hide #2

Address: Norrigården Vildmark, Gåda Sundsvägen 293, 820 46 Ramsjö

Directions: Drive to Ljusdal. Take road 83 North-West from Ljusdal and drive 27km. In the small village Bäckan, take left at sign Sund 20. Drive 9km and take right at sign Norrigården.

The nearest train station is Ljusdal.

WGS 84: 62°4’2.2″N 15°47’20.3″E

WGS 84 decimal: 62.067266, 15.788975


Bear researchers lodge

Address: Björn & Vildmark, Kvarnberg 122, 794 98 Orsa

The nearest train station is Orsa.

WGS 84: 61°26’20.0″N 14°51’59.3″E

WGS 84 decimal: 61.438891, 14.866476


Green Hotel, Tällberg

Address: Green Hotel, Ovabacksgattu 17, 793 70 Tällberg

WGS 84: 60°49’16.9″N 14°59’48.0″E

WGS 84 decimal: 60.821351, 14.996654


Falun train station

Address: Promenaden 1, 791 31  Falun

WGS 84: 60°36’14.3″N 15°38’31.1″E

WGS 84 decimal: 60.603961, 15.641978


Korså Bruk

Address: Korså Bruk, Korsån, 790 23 Svärdsjö

WGS 84: 60°38’8.2″N 16°8’35.7″E

WGS 84 decimal: 60.635612, 16.14324


Villa Asgård

Address: Villa Asgård, Åsgatan 20, 962 31 Jokkmokk

WGS 84: 66°36’13.8″N 19°50’3.1″E

WGS 84 decimal: 66.60382, 19.834206

Need help with your travel plans?

We are happy to help you with any kinds of questions. Just send an email to: marcus @